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Myths and Facts about HVAC Maintenance

12/16/2013 Back To Blog

Clean systems and air ducts will guarantee clean environments

Some people may be competent handymen but some repairs and home improvements are not done properly. It is not a matter of abilities as much as receiving bad information on technical details. The difference between HVAC maintenance and the service of any other unit in the house is that the HVAC system affects your good living conditions and your health. Clean systems and air ducts will guarantee clean environments indoors and reduce the cost of electricity bills.Air Duct Repair 24/7 Services


Myth number 1: My house is located in the country and I don't need to clean the filters

When you walk in natural trails, you certainly breathe fresh air but this doesn't mean it's free from bacteria. They are just harmless to the human bodies in the open space. When they will enter the air ducts, they will meet many dirty spots and they will get contaminated. The point is to prevent them from entering your home and that's the job of filters and that's why air filter cleaning is important.


Myth number 2: When the HVAC unit never stops working I must replace the thermostat

The unit keeps on working because it doesn't reach the expected temperatures. This is happening due to problematic air ducts. Over the years or due to wrong installation, small cracks will allow air to escape to other directions. Energy will be lost and the unit will try to warm up a room with insufficient air. Air duct seal repair will be needed and you will need to check the insulation of the ducts, too.


Myth number 3: It is not proven that mold and bacteria can affect the human health

The truth is that scientific results are still inconclusive. On the other hand, who wants to breathe mold or take chances growing kids in an environments full of germs? In fact, people feel the repercussions of dirty air ducts and poorly maintained HVAC systems in their own system. They cough, sneeze and grow various allergies when air quality testing is showing high indoor contamination.


Myth number 4: The electricity bills do not increase too much when the HVAC unit is not maintained

It is one of the worst myths since you can save up to 30 per cent of energy with the right air duct maintenance and HVAC repair. You will also contribute to the protection of the environment since less energy consumption would mean a few more trees.

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